Sunglasses for kids and teens - Signature Collection - Carrera
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CARRERA 2004T/S 201110_Y11_HZ 00
CARRERA 2004T/S YELLOW / GREEN kr1,250.00
CARRERA 2004T/S 201110_003_70 00
CARRERA 2004T/S BLACK / BROWN kr1,250.00
CARRERA 2005T/S 201111_807_1V 00
CARRERA 2005T/S BLACK / BLUE kr1,145.00
CARRERA 2005T/S 201111_003_70 00
CARRERA 2005T/S BLACK / BROWN kr1,145.00
CARRERA 2004T/S 201110_J5G_1V 00
CARRERA 2004T/S YELLOW / BLUE kr1,250.00
CARRERA 2005T/S 201111_086_HZ 00
CARRERA 2005T/S HAVANA / GREEN kr1,145.00
Carrera sunglasses and eyeglasses - Project #Driveyourstory
#DRIVEYOURSTORY Take control of your life, shake it up and start listening to your guts.
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