Eyeglasses for kids and teens - Signature Collection - Carrera
Combining classic shapes and craftsmanship with a dash of urban attitude, the Signature collection focuses on styles that unite the flair of metal details with refined acetates.
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CARRERINO 65 100409_086 00
CARRERINO 65 HAVANA kr690.00 kr483.00
CARRERINO 63 100146_09V 00
CARRERINO 63 GREY kr715.00 kr501.00
CARRERINO 63 100146_R6S 00
CARRERINO 63 GREY kr715.00 kr501.00
CARRERA 2000T/V 101207_J5G 00
CARRERA 2000T/V YELLOW kr1,095.00 kr767.00
CARRERA 2001T/V 101205_807 00
CARRERA 2001T/V BLACK kr574.00
CARRERA 2001T/V 101205_086 00
CARRERA 2001T/V HAVANA kr574.00
CARRERA 2002T/V 101206_2IK 00
CARRERA 2002T/V HAVANA kr910.00 kr637.00
CARRERA 2002T/V 101206_003 00
CARRERA 2002T/V BLACK kr910.00 kr637.00
CARRERA 2003T/V 101208_086 00
CARRERA 2003T/V HAVANA kr1,095.00 kr767.00
CARRERA 2003T/V 101208_003 00
CARRERA 2003T/V BLACK kr1,095.00 kr767.00
Carrera sunglasses and eyeglasses - Project #Driveyourstory - Ian McKinley
#DRIVEYOURSTORY Take control of your life, shake it up and start listening to your guts.
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